Thursday, December 18, 2008

Recycling through Crafts

Cecile Cinco makes amazing crafts using recycled products, like this
Multipurpose Woven Basket Made Out Of Glossy Paper
. Check out more of her stuff at her blog.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Greenpeace delivers a solar powered Parol to Philippine Senate

(picture courtesy of Greenpeace)

Manila, PHILIPPINES — Greenpeace today delivered a solar-powered traditional parol (Filipino Christmas lantern) to light up the Philippine Senate this Christmas ahead of the official Global Day of Action for the Climate.

The giant solar powered parol was received by Senator Miguel Zubiri from Greenpeace volunteers, supporters and other pro-renewable energy groups who arrived in red shirts proclaiming 'Make it Happen – Energy Revolution now!'. As part of the activity, the environmental group also delivered miniature lanterns with the messages "No Nukes, No Coal, Energy Revolution Now!" and "I support Renewable Energy" to each Senator. The miniature lanterns are from Albay, among the provinces in the country that is most vulnerable to climate change impacts.

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Friday, December 05, 2008

Gray Water Recycling Systems, LLC Signs Brand License Agreement with "Living With Ed"

Got this from my Living with Ed newsletter! GREAT NEWS INDEED!

Gray Water Recycling Systems, LLC Signs Brand License Agreement with "Living With Ed"

Manufacturer of Revolutionary Gray and Rainwater Recycling Systems will team up with Ed Begley, Jr., Hollywood's 'greenest' actor and star of the hit TV series Living With Ed to promote water recycling.

REDONDO BEACH, CA -- Gray Water Recycling Systems, LLC (GWRS) has signed a long-term exclusive brand license and endorsement agreement with the producers of the hit TV series Living With Ed and it's co-stars Ed Begley, Jr. and Rachelle Carson-Begley. Under the terms of the agreement, GWRS will use the trademark of the show and the endorsement of the Begley's to highlight the urgent need to reuse gray and rainwater as well as expand the marketing of its line of revolutionary recycling systems throughout North America.

GWRS product information will also be featured on the hit TV shows website, As well as the Begley's new environmental site and blog, "...a simple to use one-stop resource for those interested in learning about sustainable living."

GWRS designs and manufacturers gray and rainwater recycling units for single and multi family homes, commercial properties, hotels and resorts. Units capture and purify exhaust water from shower, bath, laundry and downspout. The purified, bacteria free water is then re-used for landscape irrigation and toilet tanks.

"We are extremely excited to be working with the Begley's, their television show and all the professionals at Brentwood Communications International", stated Buzz Boettcher, GWRS Managing Member. "Ed realized the need to conserve long ago and became an avid environmentalist and advocate before it was the popular thing to be. Not only does he talk conservation, he lives it; no dispute, he is the gold standard for green living in the entertainment community."

"Proper water management and conservation is mandatory living in this semi-arid desert," stated Begley. "We simply cannot continue to poach water from other parts of the Western United States. Conservation and reuse will have a positive impact on our overall water supply, this recycling system is a huge step in making that happen. I've been searching for the right gray and rainwater recycling system for years and I've finally found it. Rachelle will soon be able to take those twenty minute showers without my blood coming to a boil by knowing the water she's using today will be irrigating our garden tomorrow".

The marketing relationship is being launched with this press release, followed shortly by a series of print, video and on line materials featuring Living With Ed branding and Ed Begley, Jr. endorsements. In addition, the Begley's will make a number of public and industry appearances on behalf of GWRS, speaking on a number of environmental topics including water conservation and reuse. Begley will also provide valuable assistance to help bring local and state building codes in concert with the rapid advancement of gray and rain water recycling technology.

For More Information, Please Contact: Buzz Boettcher Managing Member Gray Water Recycling Systems, LLC

Greg Glass Vice President BCII 818-333-3681

Freebie Friday!

Spread the joy and give the gift of giving! I recently got my carbon neutrality certificate from the folks at Brighter Planet and to pass it on, i'm giving the first 25 people to click on this link a chance to spread the lurv.

One Day from Brighter Planet
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